So, why this site? The title is pretty self-explanatory, I hope. I’m a freelance copywriter, which means I like to procrastinate. My tool of choice these days is Marvel Unlimited, the subscription service that gives you access to way too many Marvel comics.

From time to time, a thought will strike me while I’m reading comics, and I thought, why not share? Thus, the site.

This exercise also gives me a handy reference guide for the comics I’ve read. I’m reading through a lot of titles simultaneously, and it’s useful to have notes to look back on when I find myself asking questions like “why is Thor fighting Hercules, again?”

Auxilliary goals:

  • Keep my writing skills sharp without working on more copy.
  • Learn WordPress.
  • Get firsthand experience with SEO so I can conquer the Internet expand my professional skill set.



Author: CMMIV

Reader of comic books. Semi-professional writer.