Hey Marvel, What Gives?

I noticed something weird about the latest and greatest Marvel Unlimited uploads this week: Some of our comics are missing!

So since I’m a bigger fan of the MU app than the website, that’s typically the way I check out the week’s latest comics. But this week I noticed something rotten in the state of Denmark:

On the app I saw this:


But at Marvel.com, I saw this:



The culprits are 14 of the graphic novels shown in this recent Discover spotlight. It’s not all of them; three of the books there are indexed normally in the app. Those are the books with “#1” included in their name – Dr. Strange, Daredevil, and Ant-Man.

The others are visible in the MU App if you’re looking at the relevant Discover page, but I can’t get to them via “browse” in any way. Searching by series, character, creator, or date all lead to dead ends.

The Takeaway

If you want to make sure you’re seeing everything released in a week, make sure you browse those Discover pages when they’re updated. Or browse the release calendar at Marvel.com.

In the past, I’ve been super down on Marvel.com as a tool for exploring Marvel Unlimited, but now it looks like it has its uses.

You can jump right to the Marvel Unlimited tab of the release calendar here.


Author: CMMIV

Reader of comic books. Semi-professional writer.