Monday (Yesterday) Was New Comics Day!

This week: Stuff! Things! Turn of the millennium comix!


We got the usual raft of six-month-old contemporary titles. Spider-Women looks to be complete, so there’s a big crossover ready for reading.

A big batch of 90s Incredible Hulk. 1996-vintage Starlord? Hmm. Wolverine/Deadpool: The Decoy. Slightly excited hmm. Lots of Captain America annuals and crossovers and specials. A little bit of “Marvel Super Special” from the late 70s – looks Starlord-focused. Curious hmm.

So, nothing this week has made me jump up and squeal. But it’s not like we’re gonna run out of comics anytime soon.

Author: CMMIV

Reader of comic books. Semi-professional writer.