2018: Where Y’at, Charles?

Big Time! Semi-Sorta-Big-Time?


It’s a new year! I’m going Big Time! My biggest news is that I’ve become a for-realsies Comic Book Reviewer thanks to the good people at Comics: the Gathering.

No, I ain’t making scratch at the gig. So maybe I ain’t quite Big Time. More like Slightly Less Small Time. Still! Progress! I might well be on the same career path that put Kelly Thompson into the Mighty Marvel Bullpen! (Ask me about my spec script …)

Check out my inaugural CTG reviews here:

Phoenix: The Resurrection of Jean Grey #1

Hawkeye #14
(7/10! Way to repay Kelly Thompson for the career inspiration! Who do I think I am?!)

Guardians of the Galaxy #150

Check back at CTG every Wednesday-ish for more of my reviews.

My CTG profile sorta works as an index of my reviews. I gotta remember to comment more.

What Am I Doing With This Blog?

Well, not wasting my time and yours with “here’s what I think of every MU release” posts anymore. (I’ve found a better venue for sharing those thoughts; see below.)

Check out my new feature, Unlimited Hindsight. Instead of surveying all of the week’s new MU comics, I’m gonna spotlight issues that might have fallen through the cracks when they were first published. I figure lots of us have MU subscriptions for exactly this purpose: Catching up on stuff we couldn’t be bothered to buy at our Friendly Local Comic Shop.

First up: Punisher #13 is an easy-to-miss gem and Occupy Avengers #8 is a bittersweet could-have-been.

I’ll also (I hope) continue to drop in-depth looks at older Marvel comics here on a roughly weekly basis.

Plus! Meta talk about talking about comics! My personal glossary of comics terms! How and why to rate comics! And more?

Where Else Am I Writing About Marvel?

Diversification! What I discovered in 2017 was that there were plenty of great community sites out there where I could make a meaningful contribution to the world of Marvel. Highlights:

Comicbook Round Up

This is where I’m lodging my short reviews of contemporary comics as they hit MU. I don’t have much of an audience, but the site has more than enough handy features for helping me organize and analyze my comic thoughts.

For example, now I know that I rate Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, on average, 2.5 points higher than Dan Slott’s Amazing Spider-Man. Analytical!

Plus, while this site is administered in a mostly “hidden elves” fashion, the site runners do care a great deal. In an offhand comment, I said “line breaks would be cool,” and they added that functionality within 12 hours.

My CBRU profile
My reviews by series ranking

Also, this site provides a handy automated index for my CTG reviews.

The Complete Marvel Reading Order

This is where I log my rankings for 20th-century Marvel comics as I get through them. It’s a tremendously useful site on a bunch of different fronts.

My CMRO profile
My CMRO comments sorted by wittiness


Did you know I’m on Instagram, too? I post humor-centric panels on a nigh-daily basis. Gimme a follow and I’ll do my best not to disappoint!


Other Social Nonsense

I’ve also got a Facebook page and a Twitter account that are, right now, just in the business of cross-promoting this blog. Fire away if you’ve got suggestions of how I can put these to better use!

Final Request!

This WP theme is just not doing it for me. I like the colors, but the design is wasting a lotta space. I’m underwhelmed with the responsiveness and I strongly suspect it makes my blog look blah on smaller screens. If you have WordPress theme suggestions (bearing in mind I’m a hapless freebie user), I wanna hear ’em!

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