2018: Where Y’at, Charles?

Big Time! Semi-Sorta-Big-Time?


It’s a new year! I’m going Big Time! My biggest news is that I’ve become a for-realsies Comic Book Reviewer thanks to the good people at Comics: the Gathering.

No, I ain’t making scratch at the gig. So maybe I ain’t quite Big Time. More like Slightly Less Small Time. Still! Progress! I might well be on the same career path that put Kelly Thompson into the Mighty Marvel Bullpen! (Ask me about my spec script …)

Check out my inaugural CTG reviews here:

Phoenix: The Resurrection of Jean Grey #1

Hawkeye #14
(7/10! Way to repay Kelly Thompson for the career inspiration! Who do I think I am?!)

Guardians of the Galaxy #150
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It’s a New Year – 1970, to Be Exact

Surveying January 1970 on Marvel Unlimited.

So, if I continue showcasing one comic per week (or less) I will actually fall further and further behind the present day, making this blog a literally endless production. While that doesn’t sound too bad, I want to move faster.

For one thing, while the last few comics I’ve talked about here are from 1965, my semi-chronological reading has taken me all the way up to 1970. So! Let’s just skip ahead to there.

My new plan is to proceed month by month and highlight one issue to talk about. Since January 1970 is up on the block, here are our choices – everything from that month that’s available on MU right now: Continue reading “It’s a New Year – 1970, to Be Exact”

Monday Means New Comics on Marvel Unlimited!

Let’s get Furious.

As usual, we have a healthy chunk of six-month-delayed modern titles. Civil War II is really ramping up.

Notable titles: Vote Loki is kicking off, hurray! Also there’s a new infinite comic in the “Year of Marvels” series, and those are always enjoyable.

In the older titles, we get some much-need infill for early issues of Spider-Woman from 1978.

The other big release is a pile of Nick Fury comics from the late eighties and early nineties. That’s good, but make sure you scroll all the way to the end of the “new this week” list to see the real prize – a sweet issue of Steranko’s Nick Fury title from way back in 1968.

Yesterday Was New Comics Day on Marvel Unlimited!

We gettin’ serious about Civil War II now.

In the six-month delayed modern titles, we’re finally getting into Civil War II. Yee-haw and/or sigh!

We get a tiny and random clutch of 2099 titles from the early 90s. Meh.

We get a much better clutch of Ghost Rider from the same era.

Perhaps most interestingly, we get a handful of killer plus-size comics from the mid-70s. A Defenders annual! Giant-Size Super Villain Team-Up! And a third issue of Giant-Size Avengers! Whee!

Monday (Yesterday) Was New Comics Day!

This week: Stuff! Things! Turn of the millennium comix!

We got the usual raft of six-month-old contemporary titles. Spider-Women looks to be complete, so there’s a big crossover ready for reading.

A big batch of 90s Incredible Hulk. 1996-vintage Starlord? Hmm. Wolverine/Deadpool: The Decoy. Slightly excited hmm. Lots of Captain America annuals and crossovers and specials. A little bit of “Marvel Super Special” from the late 70s – looks Starlord-focused. Curious hmm.

So, nothing this week has made me jump up and squeal. But it’s not like we’re gonna run out of comics anytime soon.

Monday Is New Comic Day on Marvel Unlimited

This week: Tales of Suspense!

Every Monday, Marvel Unlimited gets a new batch of comics for us to enjoy. This week brings a healthy crop of (almost) new releases from May 2016, some Cable from the late 90s, some Guardians of the Galaxy from the early 90s, and most importantly – given my current 60s focus – some vintage Tales of Suspense.

Tales of Suspense ran for 99 issues from 1959 to 1968. It started getting important to the larger Marvel Universe with the debut of Iron Man in #39; it started featuring Captain America in #59. This week Unlimited gets seven new issues – #32 through #38 – which means we now have a complete collection available on MU. Get reading!

Hey Marvel, What Gives?

I noticed something weird about the latest and greatest Marvel Unlimited uploads this week: Some of our comics are missing!

So since I’m a bigger fan of the MU app than the website, that’s typically the way I check out the week’s latest comics. But this week I noticed something rotten in the state of Denmark:

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So You Want to Read Marvel Unlimited?

Here are some practical, technical tips I’ve come up with based on my experiences exploring Marvel Unlimited so far:


  • Stay Far Far Away From Marvel.com

Oh my word! How do you build a collection of comics this massive with an index this terrible! If your only option for enjoying MU was to rely on the site and the in-browser reader, it would honestly not be worth the price. The reader is nothing special and the index stinks on ice.

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Reading Status, Mid-August 2016

So my Marvel Unlimited account is about six weeks old right now. I’ve already put a lot of mileage on it and looked at a couple hundred comics. Although I am doing this because I’m basically crazy, I’m not quite crazy enough to try and tackle the entire archive from the beginning. I’m currently pursuing three different lines:

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So, why this site? The title is pretty self-explanatory, I hope. I’m a freelance copywriter, which means I like to procrastinate. My tool of choice these days is Marvel Unlimited, the subscription service that gives you access to way too many Marvel comics.

From time to time, a thought will strike me while I’m reading comics, and I thought, why not share? Thus, the site.

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