School Daze With The Fantastic Four

We’re off to State U. Here be dragons! (Okay, just the one.)


The good part of the coverIt’s time for our first peek at Reed and Ben’s alma mater, State U. Not to be confused with Empire State U. Although confusion seems inevitable. Good going, Mr. Lee!

Anyways, there are Shenanigans with Diablo, a b-grade Fantastic Four villain making his second appearance, and cameos by Professor Xavier and Peter Parker. And of course, the FF have to throw down with the Dragon Man.

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Yesterday Was New Comics Day on Marvel Unlimited!

We gettin’ serious about Civil War II now.

In the six-month delayed modern titles, we’re finally getting into Civil War II. Yee-haw and/or sigh!

We get a tiny and random clutch of 2099 titles from the early 90s. Meh.

We get a much better clutch of Ghost Rider from the same era.

Perhaps most interestingly, we get a handful of killer plus-size comics from the mid-70s. A Defenders annual! Giant-Size Super Villain Team-Up! And a third issue of Giant-Size Avengers! Whee!

She Got 99 Problems But A Thunder God Ain’t One

Let’s take a closer look at Jane Foster’s tumultuous story.

Gwen don't know WTF
Don’t worry, GP, most of the comic-reading public forgot about Jane for a good 30 years.

So as per the sensationalistic cover (below the jump), Journey Into Mystery #113 features Thor revealing his secret identity to long-suffering nurse Jane Foster – for realsies. Does it actually happen that way? And is that our old pal the Grey Gargoyle lurking in the corner? Let’s dive in and find out how much it sucks to date a Marvel hero in 1965. (Not as bad as it sucked later for women like Karen Page or Gwen Stacy. It still sucked, though!) Continue reading “She Got 99 Problems But A Thunder God Ain’t One”

Monday (Yesterday) Was New Comics Day!

This week: Stuff! Things! Turn of the millennium comix!

We got the usual raft of six-month-old contemporary titles. Spider-Women looks to be complete, so there’s a big crossover ready for reading.

A big batch of 90s Incredible Hulk. 1996-vintage Starlord? Hmm. Wolverine/Deadpool: The Decoy. Slightly excited hmm. Lots of Captain America annuals and crossovers and specials. A little bit of “Marvel Super Special” from the late 70s – looks Starlord-focused. Curious hmm.

So, nothing this week has made me jump up and squeal. But it’s not like we’re gonna run out of comics anytime soon.

Daredevil Teams Up With … Fearless Foggy Nelson!

Mr. Fear Takes Issue With DD’s “Man Without Fear” Motto

Man without fear or fashion sense

Wally Wood’s brilliant, brief run on Daredevil is well under way. In this issue, Daredevil and the whole Nelson & Murdock crew get together to fight Mr. Fear and a brace of c-list villains on loan from other Marvel titles.

The Man Without Fear vs. Mr. Fear … wow, I just realized how low-effort the elevator pitch for this issue sounds.

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Monday Is New Comic Day on Marvel Unlimited

This week: Tales of Suspense!

Every Monday, Marvel Unlimited gets a new batch of comics for us to enjoy. This week brings a healthy crop of (almost) new releases from May 2016, some Cable from the late 90s, some Guardians of the Galaxy from the early 90s, and most importantly – given my current 60s focus – some vintage Tales of Suspense.

Tales of Suspense ran for 99 issues from 1959 to 1968. It started getting important to the larger Marvel Universe with the debut of Iron Man in #39; it started featuring Captain America in #59. This week Unlimited gets seven new issues – #32 through #38 – which means we now have a complete collection available on MU. Get reading!

WW2 Captain America Was Racist In Unexpected Ways

A Cap story from 1942 takes some nasty racial potshots.



Cap # 14As is his wont in 1942, Captain America is vigilantly protecting the home front from fifth columnists and other threats. Unfortunately, in this particular case, those threats show up in the form of Native American traitors. It’s time for Cap to flex his racist muscles against someone other than the Japanese for a change!




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Hey Marvel, What Gives?

I noticed something weird about the latest and greatest Marvel Unlimited uploads this week: Some of our comics are missing!

So since I’m a bigger fan of the MU app than the website, that’s typically the way I check out the week’s latest comics. But this week I noticed something rotten in the state of Denmark:

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Avengers (1963) # 13

Today an Avenger DIES! But not really, cause, c’mon, it’s Silver Age Marvel.

Comic dated February 10, 1965

Read on Marvel Unlimited

“Trapped in … The Castle of Count Nefaria!”

This is the introductiAvengers 13on of the Maggia, which is awfully similar to TOTALLY UNLIKE the Mafia. Their leader is Count Nefaria, and he has a devious plan to undo the Avengers by using “electro images” to impersonate them.

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