Reading Status, Mid-August 2016

So my Marvel Unlimited account is about six weeks old right now. I’ve already put a lot of mileage on it and looked at a couple hundred comics. Although I am doing this because I’m basically crazy, I’m not quite crazy enough to try and tackle the entire archive from the beginning. I’m currently pursuing three different lines:

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Journey Into Mystery (1952) # 105

Comic dated June 10, 1964

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Journey into Mystery # 105 CoverHere we have the introduction of Mr. Hyde in the A-story and the B-story (When Heimdall Failed) is an archetypal Kirby fever dream – in a good way. Heimdall suspects foul play when a tiny air sprite (a Vanna) sneaks past him. He considers this a failure, but Odin praises him for giving Asgard advance warning based on his instincts.

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So, why this site? The title is pretty self-explanatory, I hope. I’m a freelance copywriter, which means I like to procrastinate. My tool of choice these days is Marvel Unlimited, the subscription service that gives you access to way too many Marvel comics.

From time to time, a thought will strike me while I’m reading comics, and I thought, why not share? Thus, the site.

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