Journey Into Mystery (1952) # 107

Thor vs. The Grey Gargoyle is pure Silver Age lunacy.


Comic dated August 10, 1964

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(The Grey GarJIM107Covergoyle / Balder Must Die) This book is at the same time proof that early Marvel is too stupid to justify reading all of it and too awesome to skip. The Grey Gargoyle has an amazingly dumb origin and power set, and Thor / Don Blake resorts to equally stupid contrivances to overcome him.

Paul Duval is an ordinary – one might even say mild-mannered – French research chemist. When his boss distracts him one day, he spills an abnormal mixture on his hand that turns it into stone. He soon discovers that touching anything (people included) turns that thing to stone for an hour. He’s the only one who can move around when petrified; others are immobile. Being an intelligent, rational man, Paul decides there’s only one way to use this gift: crime!

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So You Want to Read Marvel Unlimited?

Here are some practical, technical tips I’ve come up with based on my experiences exploring Marvel Unlimited so far:


  • Stay Far Far Away From

Oh my word! How do you build a collection of comics this massive with an index this terrible! If your only option for enjoying MU was to rely on the site and the in-browser reader, it would honestly not be worth the price. The reader is nothing special and the index stinks on ice.

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Reading Status, Mid-August 2016

So my Marvel Unlimited account is about six weeks old right now. I’ve already put a lot of mileage on it and looked at a couple hundred comics. Although I am doing this because I’m basically crazy, I’m not quite crazy enough to try and tackle the entire archive from the beginning. I’m currently pursuing three different lines:

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Journey Into Mystery (1952) # 105

Comic dated June 10, 1964

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Journey into Mystery # 105 CoverHere we have the introduction of Mr. Hyde in the A-story and the B-story (When Heimdall Failed) is an archetypal Kirby fever dream – in a good way. Heimdall suspects foul play when a tiny air sprite (a Vanna) sneaks past him. He considers this a failure, but Odin praises him for giving Asgard advance warning based on his instincts.

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So, why this site? The title is pretty self-explanatory, I hope. I’m a freelance copywriter, which means I like to procrastinate. My tool of choice these days is Marvel Unlimited, the subscription service that gives you access to way too many Marvel comics.

From time to time, a thought will strike me while I’m reading comics, and I thought, why not share? Thus, the site.

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