May 1970: How Reed Richards Saved the Moon Landing

By fighting robots? How’d you guess?


Neil Armstrong steps into the Marvel canonAnother 9-comic month gives us a wide selection of quality comics to choose from. The Fantastic Four – the Marvel universe’s first space travelers – step in to lend NASA a hand in the race to the moon. They’re not the only folks in a traveling mood; both Captain America and Daredevil are racking up the frequent flier miles in May. The Hulk is sucked into the subterranean world, and the Avengers are off getting stomped by Arkon in an entirely different dimension. So unless you wanna stick around Manhattan with Spidey and mope about Gwen Stacy, put on your travelin’ boots for a whirlwind tour of the Marvel world!

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April 1970: Asgard Goes to War! Other Stuff! Things!

Loki grabs the throne.

Loki with a big honking hat
Can’t rule Asgard without a honkin’ big hat.

The Marvel line-up picks up the pace in April of 1970. We’ve only got nine comics to look at here, and a good half of them are very rewarding reads. It’s a great month if you’re a fan of Jack Kirby’s Asgardian adventures, though maybe not so thrilling if you’re looking for some quality Fantastic Four material. Highlights include Dr. Strange’s last hurrah, a nice update on Madam Masque, and the debut of Arkon the Magnificent.

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Marvel Rumbles Into March Doldrums

(March of 1970; I’m not implying anything about current events)

Well, this is a pretty rough month to chew through on Marvel Unlimited. There just aren’t a lot of exciting things happening, and title after title falls into the “20 pages of pointless combat” mold. This is an excellent month to consider skipping in its entirety, but let’s see if we can’t pick out a few bright spots worth considering.

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February Means Death!

While a significant fraction of the Marvel line-up is killing time with generic baddie-beating, Iron Man ups the ante by stone-cold killing folks. (The comic, that is. Iron Man himself isn’t killing people. But people are dying!) February of 1970 is a pretty quiet time for Marvel, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that there’s nothing worth reading there!

We’ll get started with the full roster of comics after the jump.

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It’s a New Year – 1970, to Be Exact

Surveying January 1970 on Marvel Unlimited.

So, if I continue showcasing one comic per week (or less) I will actually fall further and further behind the present day, making this blog a literally endless production. While that doesn’t sound too bad, I want to move faster.

For one thing, while the last few comics I’ve talked about here are from 1965, my semi-chronological reading has taken me all the way up to 1970. So! Let’s just skip ahead to there.

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