Week of July 17: Late Round-Up of New Marvel Unlimited Comics

Surprises! Birthdays! Spider-Man Smooching!


Oh no, oh no, I’m late! This is my round-up for Marvel Unlimited comics published last week. There was so much stuff to get through that it took me too long, plus life nonsense in the way.

This was the week of the twist ending in our new MU comics. Five of the books below have major final-page surprises, and I think I only spoiled one of them. (Sorry, Wolverine fans!) Take a gander at the full release calendar and then meet me below the excited Loki to talk comics.

If you’re wondering about Avengers 3.1, don’t worry – it got delayed for some reason and was added to MU today. I’ll include it in the next round-up.

Loki loves surprises.

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Week of June 26: New MU Comics Round-Up

Gwens doing great, Felicia Hardy jobbing hard for Marvel’s bottom-shelf books.

This was a busy week for me and for Marvel, apparently. It took me over a week to chew through this big block of contemporary additions to Marvel Unlimited. It’s a very good week for Gwens Poole and Stacy, and further down the quality totem pole Felicia “Black Cat” Hardy is experiencing a little fatigue in her continued role as the Marvel universe’s go-to organized crime villain. Take a gander at the full release schedule, then meet me underneath the sweet Gwenpool picture to talk individual comics.


Gwenpool brands her grenades.
Gwenpool knows the importance of branding when painting grenades.


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