Week of June 19, 2017: New MU Comics Round-Up

Ben Grimm and way too much Foom.


So, did you know Marvel Unlimited actually releases modern Marvel comics along with Silver Age classics? It’s true! I’m trying something new. I’ve just finished plowing through this week’s very latest MU releases and now I’m sharing my thoughts in a speedy(-ish) rundown.

Captains Marvel discussing serious pants matters.

Number of Fin Fang Foom appearances this week: 2/3. (It’s three if you count the stories in the Gwenpool special separately.) Was 2016 the year of the ☠☠☠☠-ing dragon or what?

Peep the full list here, then strap in for a ratings rundown.

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The Fantastic Four Save Apollo 11

Cheap attention-grabber or respectful celebration? Baby we can do both!

Frightened Sue. Could be from any FF issue, sigh.Eight months after Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin (and Michael Collins and several thousand NASA geeks) wowed the world with a real-life moon landing, the Marvel Bullpen feels it’s time to tell the story of how the Fantastic Four helped make it happen. Treading the line between celebration and exploitation with exquisite care, Mr. Lee and Mr. Kirby reveal that that one small step couldn’t have been taken without a wham-bam robot fight being won back on Earth. Continue reading “The Fantastic Four Save Apollo 11”